Kids Birthday Parties

At VVG, we love getting creative with all ages.  Our kids Birthday Party Programming is constantly busy; we sometimes host as many as five birthday parties a week at the studio for kids and teens of all ages.  If your child has a creative streak, this is the best way to celebrate. 

Kids can either choose from our painting gallery to pick out a painting for their birthday or they can create their own version of any sort of painting they could dream up. 

Here are some shots from a recent birthday party at the studio.  The birthday girl created her own hand drawn picture which the teacher took and re-created as a painting; I just love the end result!

First layer of paint

Hard at work 

The end result

We love helping parents (and kids!) put together fun, creative, out-of-the-box birthday party ideas.  Check out more information on Kids Birthday Parties HERE.  And be sure to CONTACT US if you want to book one for your child!



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