Kids After School Art

Kids After School Art Classes are off to another great start.  I want to share a perfect project that any parent could do on a winter day.

We created masks out of pre-made masks you can order on Amazon like these 

Grab some Elmers Glue and dot it on the mask for your child (I have found that children under 8 have a hard time squeezing the glue, so it helps for a parent's assistance.) 

For kids, we are a fan of Elmer's Washable No-Drip Glue 'round here!
Put a collection of Feathers, Sequins, and Buttons on a paper plate and let your child pick and choose to their fancy. 

You can also put out paints and have them add paints to the mask with a brush. 

(However, if you want to keep the mess minimal, stick with glue and baubles.)

Here are some masks from our mask creation round up: Hope you enjoy them!


I hope this inspires you to get creative with your child!

if you are interested in Kids After School Classes for Fall / Winter 2014, please check them out HERE

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